OS Repositorios 2012


Pecha Kuchas. Short communication (6 min 40s min)

ODiSEA: International Registry on Research Data

Alicia García-García, Xavi García –Massó, Antonia Ferrer-Sapena, Luis-Millán González, Fernanda Peset,  Josep-Manuel Rodríguez-Gairín, Tomás Saorín


Organizations involved in research activities produce more and more results every time. These results sometimes are published like journals, but sometimes are unpublished papers.

Open Data movement started in the government sector, which is called e-government. Their purpose is the exploitation of existing data by others to provide them with new value at a reasonable cost.

In scientific area, data-sharing exist for a long time. It`s related to the e-science, and how make easy research.

Countries more advanced in this area are EEUU and United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and EU. Data curation has become a topic of international interest. Particularly for which finance, manage and produce research.

This work shows the firs results of an international registry on data bank called  International Registry on Research Data.